Who we are

Founded in 1994, Bend Studio

is a team of over 40 veteran engineers, artists, designers, and support staff who are dedicated to excellence and innovation.  We have the close-knit environment and camaraderie of a small studio, where everyone knows everyone, while at the same time enjoying the stability and security provided by being part of Sony Computer Entertainment America.  We are dedicated to producing only AAA award-winning games that showcase the power of current and future game consoles from Sony Computer Entertainment.


  • Co-Studio Director and Technical Director: Christopher Reese has been with the studio since 1994. Reese has worked on over thirteen titles since beginning his career in 1990.

  • Co-Studio Director and Creative Director: John Garvin has been with the studio since 1997. Garvin has worked on over twenty different games and has been in the game industry since 1990.

  • Production Manager: Gerald Harrison began his career as an artist working at Dynamix and Sierra On-Line in 1992. He has been with the studio for nine years.